Episode 135

Ep. 135: Long Run Coffee/Dave Lowry-IM on a BMX!

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Long Run Coffee claims to be coffee with a purpose-to help start your day and your run off right by adding a dose of electrolytes to everyone's favorite morning beverage. There are a host of other claims and we wanted to know if any of them are backed up by science so we take a look on this episode's Medical Mailbag. Dave Lowry is an age group triathlete from Perth, Australia who recently participated in the Busselton Ironman using a modified BMX bike. While this sounds a little out there, Dave explains why he did this and tells me how his day went and it makes for a great story to round out 2023.


[10:13]- Medical Mailbag: Long Run Coffee

[30:26]- Interview: Dave Lowry


Dave's Facebook page @djlowry1976 on Instagram

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