Episode 19

The TriDoc Podcast Ep; 19, HRV/Ettinger/IM Ireland

Athletes have been using heart rate monitors as part of their fitness regimen for years. Recently, there has been a move to measure heart rate variability-a measure of something more complicated than heart rate itself but possibly more revealing about an athlete's overall state of training and fatigue. Is HRV all it is cracked up to be? Should all athletes be using it? I look at the evidence to try and help you decide. Stephen Ettinger was a professional mountain biker for over a decade. Now retired he is preparing to enter his second year of medical school. How has the transition been and how do most professional athletes transition to life after racing? The Triathlete Routard goes to the Emerald Isle for a review of the inaugural IM Cork. The debut of this race was epic, should this be one triathletes consider going to in the future?

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